My wife, Karen, and I have three daughters and seven amazing grand kids.  We live in East Cobb, in the Arbor Bridge subdivision.  We love living here, close to family, and we also love photography.
A photograph is the one thing that can bring back vivid memories; whether it's a sunrise over the lake, the innocence of an infant, the expression on a child's face when they are truly happy, or several generations of a family enjoying each others company.  A photograph can take us back in time like nothing else.
We want to capture images that tell the story of your family.  Real smiles. Real emotions. We find that those moments are most often captured at your home or a place that your family enjoys.  If you prefer, we have a studio and would be happy to have you visit us for a portrait session. 
Our goal is to capture the story of your family.  Who you are today, right now.  Silly three year olds are allowed (and encouraged) to be silly.  So relax, let the kids pick one of their own outfits, be yourselves and have fun!
I hope you enjoy the images on our site and that you will consider offering me the opportunity to work with you to capture the memories of your family so you can cherish them, like I do ours.
Please email me ( )  or give me a call at 770-870-0536 if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a portrait session. 

Mike Gutting Photography
4171 S. Arbor Circle, Marietta Ga 30066
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